Sunday, October 4, 2009

jibber ish

early class i'm despising
i'm dreading morning sunrise
alarm clock surprise
tick tock mornings hazy
college is so lazy
knock knock to the real world
can you hear me... clearly
can you feel me .... really
everybody's hustling
bzzzzzusily bzzzzzzustling
i musta been like a bee
to busyzzzzz to see beyond the trees
i need to flea the hive and get high
to free my mind and get by
and now i'm wondering why
did the stars collide and elements
align, twist, smash, and combine
in such fine fashion that
i'm so sly and so fly
i'm wondering why
i'm not hovering..........
just hanging on the ride
cymbal..... tempo simple
wrist carrying the time
watch on......
as i glide away fine
I need jaaaaazzzz music in my life
i need jazz music in times of strife
i need jazz music to study all night
jazz music has me feeling allright

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